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Director ICT

Overview of the Department

  The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department, one of the services Departments in the Ministry, was created to ensure effective development and deployment of ICT in the Ministry and the Health sector at large. The Department is responsible for all ICT related matters and provides Support services.


  1. Manage and operate IT functions for the Federal Ministry of Health and provide linkages with Ministry’s Agencies and Parastatals;
  2. Support the health sector electronically, through digitizing and automating the various health systems, and providing solid infrastructure;
  3. Provide technical support for solutions that facilitate efficiencies and common processes for staff;
  4. Promote partnerships and collaboration with relevant stakeholders to implement best practices in ICT deployments; and
  5. Work with relevant Departments of the Ministry to strengthen the capacity of staff on ICT;
  6. Oversees the maintenance of the computers and peripherals;
  7. Oversees computer systems installations and administration of the Network;
  8. Oversees all In-House ICT trainings and advises on ICT training needs;
  9. Liaises with  Federal Ministry of Communication Technology, Federal  Ministry of  Science & Technology, Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation and National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) in the formulation of ICT Policies; and
  10. Liaises with M/S Galaxy Backbone Ltd, M/S Microsoft and other Agencies for necessary consultations on Computerization.


 The Department consists of three (3) Divisions namely; Service Delivery & Support Division, Data Centre Management Division and eHealth Strategy & Solution Division. The Divisions have the following responsibilities:

 Service Delivery and Support Division

  1. Effective delivery of ICT services to the Ministry;
  2. Support, and ensure a strategic approach to ICT Sourcing and Service Management in the Ministry;
  3. Manage and update the Ministry’s website;
  4. Provide technical guidance for adoption of appropriate software platforms;
  5. Manage ICT Networking Infrastructure;
  6. Perform installation, maintenance and repair of computers and other ICT equipment in the Ministry; and
  7. Produce standards (right specifications) for computers and other ICT equipment in the Ministry

 Data Centre Management Division

  1. Manage Data Centre Operation;
  2. Develop Data Centre and Green IT Strategy;
  3. Support development and maintenance of databases for the Ministry;
  4. Manage and admin Servers in the Data Centre;
  5. Review and make recommendations on proposals submitted by vendors on ICT solutions.

 eHealth Strategy and Solution Division

  1. Support Departments of the Ministry in the implementation of eHealth policies, initiatives, and related services, to improve the quality, safety and sustainability of patient care;
  2. Support the development and compliance to legal framework on eHealth adoption and implementation; 
  3. Support the collaboration between Nigeria and World, Regional and sub-regional bodies on eHealth adoption and implementation.

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