Food and Drug Services Policy Documents

Nigeria Vaccine Policy - 1st Edition (2021)
Curriculum & Training Manual On Rational Use And Access To Narcotic Medicines (2019)
Federal Ministry of Health NGO Compliance Flow Chart
NGO Clearance Compliance Flow Chart
National Drug Policy 2021
Nigeria Essential Medicines List 7th Edition 2020
Nigeria Essential Medicines List For Children, 2020, 1st Edition
Nigeria Essential Medicines List 6th Edition 2018
First National Survey On Drug Use & Health
Guidelines for Management of Pain in Nigeria
National Guideline for Quantification of Narcotic Medicine 2017
National Policy For Controlled Medicines 2017
Nigeria Standard Treatment Guidelines 2nd Edition 2016
Essential Medicine List 2016
Fine Tuning Leadership for Integrated Supply Chain Management
Nigeria Supply Chain Policy for Pharmaceuticals and other Healthcare Products - 2016
National Quality Assurance Policy for Medicines and Other Health Products - 2015
National Policy on Food Safety and Its Implementation Strategy - 2014
Essential Medicine List (2010)
National Drug Distribution Guidelines - 2012)
Guidelines for Donation of Medicines and Health Care Equipment in Nigeria - 2007
Traditional Medicine Policy (2007)
Nigeria Standard for Drinking Water Quality (November 2007)
National Drug Policy (2003)
Standard Treatment Guidelines (2008)