Overview of the Department
 Managing and facilitating communication processes,overseeing information dissemination, media relations, and internal communication strategies.

 The office is responsible for maintaining a positive public image, managing crisis communication, and advocating for health policies.


The mandate of the office of the Director of Information in the Federal Ministry of Health typically encompasses various responsibilities related to information management, communication strategies, and public relations. Responsible for organizing and managing information within the ministry; Works to convey important health-related information to the public, stakeholders, and within the ministry; Managing relationships with media outlets; Works on building and maintaining a positive public image for the Ministry of Health; Facilitating effective communication within the ministry; Overseeing the use of digital platforms and technologies for communication purposes; Developing and implementing communication plans for handling crisis situations is crucial Supporting the ministry's policy advocacy efforts.

The Department consist of three(3) areas namely; manage information, communication, and public relations.