Special Projects

Special Project

To address  specific health-related challenges, improve healthcare services, and advance the ministry's goals.

Also  focuses on diverse areas, including public health initiatives, infrastructure development, health information systems implementation, disease prevention and control, capacity building, emergency response planning, research, health policy implementation, community health promotion, and collaborative programs. 


Develop and oversee the implementation of special projects within the Ministry of Health; Contribute to the development of strategic initiatives that address specific health challenges or opportunities; Ensure effective allocation of resources for the successful implementation of special projects; Foster collaboration between different departments and stakeholders for successful project outcomes; Drive innovation and improvement in healthcare delivery and services; Contribute to the strategic planning process of the Ministry of Health; Mitigate risks associated with special projects and manage changes effectively; Assess the progress and impact of special projects; Integrate special projects with existing health policies and regulations; Collaborate with external organizations, NGOs, or international agencies The office of the Director of Special Projects in a Ministry of Health is tasked with overseeing and implementing strategic initiatives that address specific health challenges, drive innovation, and contribute to the overall improvement of healthcare services.